Thilo Lübker


Head of Production

For the Initiative Creative Gaming Thilo undertakes workshops, supports other related events and is Head of Production for the locations of PLAY18. He invents own games, sneaks his way around the Hamburg gaming- and media-scene of Hamburg and conducts creative, innovative and media pedagogical workshops in schools and others around Germany.

Thilo experienced at least 50% of his socialization at LAN parties in dimmed cellars. He survived the German “Killerspieldebatte” (the heated political debate around “killer games”), can name every button on the keyboard and is a big fan of strategy games. His very first game was “Lego Island”. Afterwards there were “Historyline”, “Burntime”, “The Settlers”, “Age of Empires”, “Command & Conquer”, “Stronghold”, “Civilization”, “Hearts of Iron” etc. Currently he is dabbling with “Panzer Corps” and “Europa Universalis IV”.

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