From November 1st to 4th, 2018, the PLAY - Creative Gaming Festival invites all gaming enthusiasts to playfully shape the world of tomorrow under the motto "Ready Game Change - Create a New Tomorrow".

For the eleventh time, the Creative Gaming Festival calls for participation, discussion, development and to play along. For example in a games exhibition with new game concepts and innovative controls. In workshops, e.g. on the subject of game design. In impulse talks, for example about the power of storytelling. In discussion panels with guests who want to change the world with games. Or the Speakers' Corner, where everyone has something to say, and the Creative Gaming Award, which honors the most exciting and creative indie games.

Studio Zukunft

Game Design with Bloxels

The Incredible Playable Show

Speakers' Corner

Let's Play, seriously!

Game Changer. Groundbreaker Art

Insert Moin Podcast Sofa

Interactive Storytelling

Offerings for School Classes


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