Of Monsters And Games

14.-17. November 2019, Hamburg. Markthalle | Barlach Halle K | Zentralbibliothek | Freie Akademie der Künste.

Good or evil, visible or hidden, charming or fearful, big or small - at PLAY19 it’s all about them: Monsters! Since the dawn of man, various fantastic creatures represent the fears, sorrows and desires of their generation. Created by humans with the intention to understand, control and manipulate each other. What are the monsters of today? Do we retell old stories in games or invent new ones? Find out and participate in workshops, talks, discussions, the interactive exhibition, and various shows.

In addition, the most creative indie games will be honored with the annual CREATIVE GAMING AWARD.

Take a look at the programm of PLAY19:

PLAY on Stage: Festival Opening and Vernissage

Workshop: Super Monster Land - Game Design with Bloxels

Workshop: Myths and Monsters in Horror Games

PLAY on Stage: Insert Moin Podcast Sofa

PLAY on Stage: Speakers' Corner - The Stage for Everyone

PLAY on Stage: Rock & Wrestling Monster Edition

PLAY on Stage: Inner Demons - LARP-Workshop

Workshop: Instructions for Searching Monsters

Impulse: Dissecting Sea of Solitude (Deivid Dragomirovic, Jo-Mei Games)

PLAY on Stage: Artist Talk with Mathilde Hoffmann

Further Education: The Monster in the Classroom

Workshop: Parasocial Relationships with Video Game Figures

PLAY is Unique!

PLAY is the first an only festival worldwide to unite media art, discourse and education with the culture of digital games. It focuses on the creative utilization of digital games: invent, build, tinker, modify, program, dance, discuss - anything goes!

PLAY is the festival for game enthusiasts and gamers, indie game developers and media artists, pupils and students, teachers and educators, scientists, people involved in the games industry and everyone, who wishes to play and learn with digital games.

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